1. Showreel
  1. Thomas Stavonhagen

    Thomas Stavonhagen

    CEO / Founder

    Thomas started his career at MTV Networks Europe and MTV China. With over twenty years of international broadcast experience, Thomas co-founded id creations and continues to run the company.

  2. Tony Tang

    Tony Tang

    COO / Founder

    With over twenty years of local broadcast experience, Tony co-founded id creations and continues to run our TVC and online content production department for key agency partners.

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  3. Justyn Field

    Justyn Field

    Executive Producer / Client Services

    With a background as a broadcast DOP in Australia, Justyn joined id creations 12 years ago. He now runs our key long-term accounts and client services for Porsche, IHG Group, Omega, NBA and Ferrari.

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  4. David Stavonhagen

    David Stavonhagen

    Executive Producer / Account Services

    David joined id creations in 2008, with a decade of broadcast experience previously in the UK including MTV Europe Networks. David manages key accounts and client services including Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Airbnb, Louis Vuitton and numerous agencies.

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  5. Leon Tang

    Leon Tang

    Head of Operations

    Leon has been part of id creations since 2002 and currently runs our production management team and camera team, ensuring all our projects run smoothly.

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  6. Adam Sedie

    Adam Sedie

    Senior Producer

    Adam joined id creations in 2011 and is currently our dedicated producer for Disney, NBA, and JP Morgan.

  7. Andre Raffelsen

    Andre Raffelsen

    Creative / Director

    Andre joined in 2014 and is part of our creative team, directing content for numerous clients of ours including Mercedes-Benz, Baxter, Schaeffler, and Disney.

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  8. Fabian Sommer

    Fabian Sommer

    Senior Producer

    With over nine years of broadcast experience in Germany, Fabian joined us in 2015 and is our dedicated producer for Porsche, delivering a multitude of content from the entire race season of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, to online and social media marketing pieces for events and campaigns. Fabian now leads our Auto Department.

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  9. Andy Ge

    Andy Ge


    Andy joined us in 2014 and is part of our dedicated Porsche department, covering major launch events and other prestigious milestone moments for Porsche's online broadcast content production needs.

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  10. Arthur Krasnopolsky

    Arthur Krasnopolsky

    Creative / Director

    Arthur joined us in 2017 and is part of our Creative team. With a natural gift for concept development and creative execution, Arthur has been directing engaging content for Huawei, Airbnb, Hilton and other key clients of ours.

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  11. Jasmine Huang

    Jasmine Huang

    Senior Producer

    After joining us in 2015, Jasmine has become our dedicated producer for Airbnb and IHG, as well as other clients. Her background in journalism has trained her to identify and develop storytelling scripts as well as being able to execute projects as a talented producer.

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  12. Sarah Xie

    Sarah Xie

    Senior Producer

    Sarah joined us in 2016 with a wealth of China TVC production experience and has been running projects for agencies and clients for TVC and online content.

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  13. Trista Yang

    Trista Yang

    Senior Producer

    Trista has been producing for us since 2011 and is our dedicated producer for Mercedes-Benz and is constantly delivering dynamic content for the PR department for their events, online and social media campaigns as well as covering their events.

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  14. Zhou Qi

    Zhou Qi

    Head of Camera Department

    Zhou Qi joined id creations in 2006 with over seven years of China broadcast experience and has been the head of our camera team since 2014. With over a decade at idc shooting TVCs, and online films, events, news and broadcast content for automotive, fashion, sports and hospitality, he is a highly skilled and creative member of id creations.

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  15. Zhang Rong

    Zhang Rong

    Head of Postproduction Department

    Joining id creations in 2003, Zhang Rong has since become the leader of our team of six editors to consistently deliver our high standards of creative storytelling, tailored to each and every client.

  16. Ruby Luo

    Ruby Luo


    Ruby joined id creations with over 2 years of TVC production experience and is working on projects with our agency partners.

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  17. Smiley Yuan

    Smiley Yuan

    Head of TV

    With over 20 years of agency experience in China, Smiley manages all of our projects with our key agency partners and their many clients.

  18. Xianting Zhang

    Xianting Zhang


    Ting joined us with over 10 years of feature film production background experience and has quickly adapted her skills to shorter format content production.

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  19. Shelley Wang

    Shelley Wang

    Junior Producer

    Shelley provides vital support on projects for our long-term clients including Airbnb, IHG and Mercedes-Benz.

  20. Charlene Tung

    Charlene Tung

    Junior Producer

    Charlene supports productions for our luxury clients with great enthusiasm.

  21. Mike Deng

    Mike Deng

    Junior Producer

    Mike is enjoying his role supporting our dedicated Porsche team on numerous projects.

  22. Fiz Field

    Fiz Field

    Junior Producer

    Fiz provides essential support on productions for numerous clients and brings positive energy to every project.

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